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I offer a personal training service which is dedicated to changing peoples lives for the better. I put time and effort into educating and supporting you to achieve your goals, that's right, educate and support! I aim to teach you how to improve your training and nutritional lifestyle so you can enjoy life to it's fullest.

I have been a personal trainer for 4 years now and have helped clients achieve a wide range of different goals.

In the past i have worked in gyms in Evesham and Stratford Upon Avon, but also spent some time travelling Australia. I am a bit of a thrill seeker and enjoy anything which gets my adrenaline going.

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I studied at the acclaimed Oxford School of Sports Massage and hold a BTEC level 5 diploma in sports and remedial massage.


Since qualifying in June 2010, I have built up a practice in several different locations working with a wide range of clients and problems. I have studied further in to anatomy and physiology, postural analysis, gait, lymphatic drainage, rehab exercises, dry needling along with personal training, Pilates and first aid.


I use an extensive range of techniques to achieve the best results for My clients.

As well as conventional relaxation massage I have seen excellent results on a wide range of conditions such as: Carpal tunnel, Golfers elbow, Tennis elbow, Frozen shoulder, nerve problems in the upper neck and shoulders, sciatica, maids’ knee, Achilles tendinitis, Plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, Cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and numerous other musculoskeletal conditions.

I take great pride in doing thorough assessments with clients and following up treatments with strengthening, mobilisation, stability exercises and stretches to help clients get the most benefit out of their treatments.


My approach is to help people manage chronic conditions and help them recuperate from injuries.

When it comes to Personal training I like the technical side of things and like my clients to really understand the target muscles and control their movements particularly when it comes to posture and injury.